How Much Does a Website Cost – Website Cost Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much does a website cost? You must be looking for a website cost calculator! Find out about the average cost of a website and what determines the price. Then check some great website cost calculators!

How Much Does a Website Cost - Website Cost Calculator

The average cost of a website is....

It is pretty much the same as asking what is the average cost of a computer. Without asking additional questions the only answer is "it all depends". Is it an office or gaming computer? Do you need a great graphics card or CPU speed? And so on and on, but you get the point.

To determine the website cost for small business the key issues are not how many pages, images, or forms your site will have. Before starting the website design project and providing a quote, it is imperative to know what you need and expect from your internet presence. Do you need a regular ten page small business website, landing page(s) that will direct clients to you, eCommerce website (online store), a place where you will interact with customers (forum or comments), space to present your work (portfolio site), all of that or something completely different?

For some businesses answer is straightforward. If you are good at your job, like we are, there isn't much to ask about locksmith website design. But for some projects, it is a different story.

Notice that besides the website design costs other expenses are involved, like web hosting fees or cost of maintaining the website. For some complicated projects, just to set up a website will cost you money. It is not the same thing if you are a local business that expects 50 site visits per day or if you are an larger online store that projects over a thousand visitors daily.

How about that website cost calculator then?

After doing some research we found a few well-looking tools that are meant to provide website cost estimate. We are only sharing ones that do not require your email address. But be warned, it is likely that you will not fancy the results, prices to be more precise. So, here comes Johnny:

There are many other website cost calculators out there. You can search the Google and find them but results will be pretty much the same.

We don't want to go around and talk bad of our colleagues but we were stunned with some of the things we saw. Like the question, if you want your website to be mobile ready (responsive). In 2015 Google made official that more than 50% of site visitors are coming from mobile devices (Source: Search Engine Land). We believe that responsiveness goes without saying. Your car dealer won't ask you if need wheels on your vehicle and charge you extra if you do.

Cost of building a website - Final thoughts

There is no definite answer to how much does a website cost question without knowing all the specifics. We just confirmed what we already knew, small businesses are paying way too much for web design, SEO, hosting, and other services involved with their online presence.

As you can see on our homepage, we believe that a small business needs a different, much cost-effective approach for their online presence. We believe in affordable website design, SEO that brings results at reasonable rates, and that you should see your new website in action before paying a cent. Check our web design pricing and request a free quote for our website design and affordable SEO packages.

Honestly, when we asked ourselves how much does a website cost, there was lot we did not expect to see. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about website prices!

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