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Are you looking for affordable hosting company or some great SEO tools? We believe that sharing is caring, so we created this page...

Hosting24 - Affordable Hosting Company

Hosting24 is a good hosting company, especially when you are seeking both quality and affordable price. If you don't have your domain name, want to change it or simply want to add another you can get one for free (usual price for the domain name is around $15 per year). Your domain name will be free for you as long as you are with Hosting24.

Though their regular price is quite attractive (Silver Plan suitable for most small business owners is $3.99 per month), we got a great deal from Hosting24 - only $1.99 per month if you buy hosting through us! We are talking about 12 month payment here, to be clear, so you'll pay a lump sum of $23.88 for the first year.

To get the discounted price you need to enter our Coupon Code - "Really Tested" (without the quotes).

BoostSuite - Unique Marketing Platform

Online advertising can be overwhelming, especially when it's just you against the big boys. Only through BoostSuite can you combine forces with like-minded businesses to cleverly share customers. As a result, you drive valuable traffic to your website and achieve big-time marketing results.

BoostSuite matches you with partners based on similarities in your online audiences. Whichever you choose, they'll have existing relationships with customers who are very likely to buy what you sell. BoostSuite combines the audiences of your partners into one lucrative pool. Instead of aiming blindly across the Internet, your ads now focus on this highly-targeted pool of customers.

AdBounds - Free Ad on AdBounds Network

AdBounds offer a FREE Advertisement, unconditional, no time limit, unlimited displays on various sites, unlimited clicks, worldwide exposure or in selected areas, with choice of size, format, etc. 

AdBounds also offer low-cost advertisement options, where you can get exposure for three ads that costs only $9 per month. All ads, including the free ad, offer you option to target your audience in different geographic markets - local, regional or international. Though their interface might look a bit outdated, you should get the traffic even with free account.

Jaaxy - Check Keywords & Rankings

If you are looking for a keyword research tool or want to check how website ranks on Google, Jaaxy is the first option we suggest.  Most people resort to Google's Keyword Planner when it comes to keyword research, but this tool has a few disadvantages that makes it difficult for use for most users. Long story short, unlike Google's keyword planner Jaaxy is far more user friendly.

Jaaxy compiles the results from Google and other sources into a simple, user-friendly, platform. There are two major services that Jaaxy offers - keyword research and site rank. Both are very valuable for choosing and tracking your keywords or key phrases. With free account you have 30 free quires each month, that might be sufficient for your website.