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For business owners, especially small business owners, it is rather hard to keep up the pace. Is there a difference between web developer, website developer, and web designer?

We live in the internet era. Computers, smartphones, tablets became part of us, like an extra limb. Everything you need or want to find out about can be found online. Businesses simply must have an online presence, from business websites & social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to review websites (Yelp, Google Business, etc.) and all sort business directories.

For business owners, especially small business owners, it is rather hard to keep up the pace. You got yourself a new website two years ago, and today you find out it is outdated. Do you need a new website for your business? Is there a difference between web developer, website developer, and web designer? Moreover, which one do you need?

In this article, we will try to help you to find out whom you need to hire!

What is Web Development?

Web Development is a broad term. Under web development, you can place nearly any work related to websites, website design, internet applications, network security, e-commerce, CMS, etc.

In my opinion, when you say web development, if you exclude hardware component, it is more or less any work that has something with the internet. Moreover, because it is so broad, serious web development companies have teams of dozens, or even hundreds, of people working on various aspects of web development.

Why is web development important for small business owners? Well, chances are slim that an average small business will actually need costly services of large web development company. Just to mention that same goes for expensive SEO services for small businesses!

What is Website Development?

Though I am sure not all the people will agree with me on this one, I really think that website development is just a part of web development work.

As its name says, website development is related only to website building. There is a lot of work involved with website building (website design, CMS, integrations, etc.), but it is still relatively small part of web development. I can say that I am website developer since I build websites, but I could hardly call myself the web developer.

And again, why is this important to small business owners? You most likely need a website developer!

Then there is no difference between a website developer and a web designer?

Wrong! Professional web designers are in charge of everything you see online. They focus on feel and look of the business website. They are not obligated to know programming language (like PHP, .net, etc.), though often they are very familiar with some.

Website designers usually use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are good in graphic design, color scheming, and information flow, and they are in charge of that good user experience.

You guessed it – so, is web designer a must for a small business? Though it would hardly hurt, it might be a waste of money. I strongly believe that, for most small business, a professionally made logo is more than enough.

Finally – Who is the right choice for building a small business website?

As someone smarter than me said – It all depends. The average cost of website development will vary much, depending on what you need and whom you choose. Though costs should not be your first criteria, it is certainly something you should consider.

Since this article is for small business owners, I would say that you most likely need a website developer. I doubt that you need to spend thousands, or even tens of thousands, with some of the top web development companies. Even worst solution would be some free website development option, to read more why just click on the link.

A locksmith website is a locksmith website. Your clients will not be staying on the website for too long, reading every word of your content or looking every graphics detail on your website. They just want to find your phone number or address and see if your website represents a legit business. Most they will ever want from your website is to contact you through a website form. Same goes for plumbers, handymen, painters, etc.

Such a small business website, like a locksmith website, should cost under $600. For more info about the affordable small business websites and if that is what you are looking for you can check out our article Business Websites Vs Small Business Websites.

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