Website Design Services & Digital Marketing Services

We strive to offer different web design and digital marketing services! All of our services come with quality and affordable adjectives!

Website Design Services

Website represents your business online, and the first impression of your website should make people want to see more! There is only one first impression, so you need a website that look and work well everywhere! In today's world, over 50% of all website visitors use mobile devices. We build customized, responsive, WordPress based websites that work for you! Once you provide us with basic info, like your line of work, color scheme, perhaps some example of a site you like, we'll get to business and create a draft graphic design. Free images and basic photo editing are included in the price. On your request, we can find stock images as well.

Once you are satisfied with the visual appeal, we'll add content to the website. We prefer to use content written by you or someone from your company because we believe you know your clients best, but if you don't have the time for that it's not a problem. We provide copywriting services on request. Our writers are carefully chosen to provide quality content at reasonable prices.

Needless to say, while we are developing the website, we'll be doing On-Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means your new website will be friendly in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Please keep in mind that this alone will not rank you on the first page, but it is a mandatory requirement if you wish to rank the site high on any search engine. To improve on-site SEO and appearance in search results we use Yoast for WordPress.

Last but not least, after everything is finished and you give us the green light to transfer to your domain, we'll make sure everything works flawlessly. This includes testing your forms, setting your email accounts if needed, adding Google Analytics, etc.

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics, often used with PPC (paid per click) marketing, can be hugely beneficial for your business. We are not big fans of overpriced SEO for small businesses, and we usually advise taking baby steps and savvy approach here.

Having analytics options installed on your website is crucial for you to keep track of marketing efforts. Unlike traditional marketing, the great thing about online marketing is that you can measure almost everything. Many analytics tools that small businesses have at their disposal can be used free of charge!

If you already have Google Analytics account, we'll add it to the website free of charge. If you haven't used this before, don't worry! We got you covered; we can open an account for you and help you interpret the information you can find there. Same goes for the Google and Bing webmaster tools.

Based on the information found in analytics, we can focus our attention on keywords, A/B testings, monitor your competitors, and much more. Please notice that these services are not included in website design.

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Digital Marketing Services

Clients are actively seeking for solutions you may be offering. The question is, can they find your products and services? Does your website connect and inspire the action? Can they find your company on the social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter? Are your existing clients writing reviews about your business on Yelp? Does your website have a blog with meaningful content for your customers? Do you have an easy system to keep in touch with your existing clients and capture new leads? 

The fact is that online market nowadays is more competitive than ever. You need a digital marketing strategy that will ensure your business is found easily and answers your client's needs. 

We understand that most small businesses have a limited budget and that you a cost efficient approach. That is why we focus on most important aspects of digital marketing that will provide best results, customized to specific needs of your business. Usually, our focus is on:

Content Marketing - Besides having an optimized content your website pages, keeping an active blog can have a huge impact on your online visibility and trust score. A regularly updated blog with relevant content will rank your website higher on search engines  and your clients will see you as an authority in your industry. 

Social Media - Being visible on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, is simply a must. Though "the more, the merrier" approach can be applied here, having a page that was last updated a year go can easily backfire and turn down potential clients. We will help decide what social media is best for you and how to keep rapport with your followers.

Email Marketing - Way too often this easy and cheap segment of digital marketing small business's neglect. With few light upgrades, your website can start collecting leads, and you can start sending your automated or custom email campaigns. Best of all, most small businesses can do this free of charge!