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Do you need a website redesign or website design? We try to underline the difference between website building and website redesign, and to help you decide what you need for your business.

Really Tested Website Redesign

If you already have a small business website, but you are not happy how it works or looks, then you most likely you are looking for website redesign services. In this article, we will try to underline the difference between website building and website redesign, and to clarify our concept of work.

Website redesign services are…

The common answer would be a change of look and feel of the website. New color(s), few new pictures, maybe some content added, etc. Honestly, that does not make any sense to us. Why?

Imagine your website is a car. It still runs, but it is not as good as it was a few years ago. You would not go on 1000+ mile trip with it anymore.

Would cover with a new coat of paint make you feel good and ready for the voyage? Usually, you will need a new engine, tires, breaks, etc. for the safe journey. In 99% of the cases, it is cheaper to buy a new car.

It is similar with the website redesign. You will not accomplish anything if you just make few cosmetic changes – you need to check everything. If it is good, it stays. If it is not, we need to something about it!

But I already have a good looking business website

We fully covered why you might need a new business website in one of our previous articles, so we will just list few main reasons why you might need have your business website redesigned:

  • Your business website is not responsive, meaning that it does not look and work well on all devices and screen sizes (computers, tablets, cell phones)
  • It takes much time for your site to load. Though this can be caused by numerous factors, if your website was built three or more years ago the chances are that it needs a redesign.
  • Social media, on-site forms, clickable phone number, etc.

Be sure to read 6 Reasons You Might Need A New Business Website for more info.

This means there isn’t any difference between website building and website redesign?

Depends on whom you ask. Some companies ask for insane amounts of money for the website redesign.
At Really Tested we decided not to offer website redesign services as a standalone service because we do not see the point. We think it is far better for your business to get a brand new, low-cost small business website. Moreover, usually, it will still be far cheaper than website redesign. So you will be confident that your website is ready for the voyage!

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